Danier Leather Purses

July 10, 2021
An array of attractive leather
198 Chain Lake Drive
Halifax, NS B3S 1C5
(902) 450-5247

Danier leather has a wide selection of quality leather products, ranging from sleek leather jackets to accessories such as wallets, belts and gloves (Side note: one store in Ottawa actually had leather pants for sale- very throwback, but surprisingly un-tacky). The products at Danier aren't the most affordable around, but you get what you pay for in terms of durability- I bought a beautiful brown jacket in Ottawa a few years ago, and I still wear it. One thing to bear in mind is that the "Sale" items tend to be of a slightly lesser quality (still good, but not stellar), and I've noticed in the past that the cheaper items tend to carry a fairly powerful odour (not vinyl-esque, but not like a quality leather either)- I noticed this when I purchased gloves at the outlet store in Bayer's Lake. Fortunately, the return policy is great there, and I found a better quality pair (costlier than my original pair, but they look great and smell better...). Bottom line: one of the better locations to shop for quality leather goods

Danier Leather is a great place to shop for leather clothing. If you have the time and patience, you can really grab a sweet deal. Every so often, they have a blow out sale and you can get a selection of leather on sale at a great price! They sell everything from jackets, pants, boots, belts, wallets, purses and much more. Towards the back of the store, they have a great clearance section. I bought my friend a wallet and a great leather purse for under $100! You can tell the staff are on commission because when I walk into the store, they pretty much throw themselves at me. Perhaps I look like a leather clothing shopper or something, but wow, I get great service!! Great place to shop! Just be patient. If they don't have a sale on what you're looking for today, they may tomorrow!

Danier Leather Outlet Store is where you will find a nice selection and some great deals. It is the outlet store, so prices are suppose to be cheaper and it always seems they are having a sale. The store is nicely layed out, and the staff will help. Towards the back of the store they always have a section reduced a lot. This is a good place to start looking. I have bought from Danier and the quality is nice for the leather. Like I said you can pick up jackets for about 100.00 if you hit a good sale.

Source: www.yelp.ca
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