Meeker made Leather Purse

August 23, 2022
New Fossil Shelby Flap Leather

Location 1922:

The Meeker Company
Joplin, MissouriJoplin, MO

New York Showroom
303 Fifth Avenue

Chicago Showroom
36 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois

1954 Location:

Meeker Company
7th and School Sts.
Joplin, Missouri

The Meeker trademark was first used in 1922, although a hang tag on a more recent bag carried a label reading, "Meeker Personalized Leather Goods since 1910." It was registered again in 1954, 1974 and 1985.

Meeker declares they are the "Largest Manufacturers of Steerhind Leather Goods in the U.S." This September 1928 ad on page 83 of Trunks and Leather Goods describes the company's controlled approach to sale, restricting availability to sales through their own salesmen to stores or direct to the consumer.

It was a bit of a shock to realize what I had always called a clutch bag was know in the 20s, 30s and 40's as an UNDERARM bag! Note that is the designation assigned to the bag at the bottom of the ad, although it has a top handle.

The May 20, 1927 World Record nonstopped flightto Paris by Charles Linberg made history and installed Lindberg as a pop icon of his day. So this article on page 111 of the same issue of Trunks and Leather Goods was quite a feather in Meeker's cap!

'''Meeker Co. Announces Advertising Campaign for 1930 '''

"WITH salesmen in their territories with the new 1930 line of hand-bags, underarms, vanities and novelties, the Meeker Co., Inc., of Joplin, Mo., said to be the largest manufacturers of steer hide products in the United States, announces the first advertisements of the augmented 1930 national advertising campaign.

The last February issue of Liberty Magazine will carry a quarter page Meeker message and March issues of Liberty and Photoplay will further carry advertisements. The first full page of the Meeker advertising will appear in Harpers Bazaar of the March issue, which will be on sale at the news stands February 28. The opening shots in Ladies Home Journal and Screenland will appear in the April issues, with a full page in Screenland and a quarter page in the Ladies Home Journal. From then on for the remainder of the year, each month will find two or three of the five great national magazines selected, carrying messages designed to increase sales for the dealer of Meeker products.

The Meeker advertising campaign for 1930 will reach more than 28, 000, 000 readers with the selection of Ladies Home Journal, Liberty, Photoplay, Harpers Bazaar, and Screen/and as the media. This figure more than doubles the circulation figure of the 1929 campaign. The additional volume of business enjoyed by the Meeker Co. last year is responsible for the augmented advertising program for 1930."

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