Leather Cell Phone Wallets Wristlet

November 12, 2021
Femme Wristlet

We don’t know about you, but we feel like it just doesn’t get more feminine than a wristlet. Is it the petite size or the sweet little strap around your wrist? Who knows? What we do know is that wristlets are big enough to hold all of your essentials while making you look—and maybe even feel—light and free.

Sure, we definitely need our big bags, but give your busy bag a night off every once in a while. Wristlets are the perfect night-out accessory, while holding the important things—including your lipstick and phone. You may even choose a wristlet wallet so you can go back and forth with little effort. Just toss that wristlet in your bag for your everyday needs then grab it and go when you feel like lightening your load.

The Wristlet Wallet Solution

In soft, simple leather design or more structured looks—smaller or bigger sizes—wristlets have come into their own lately. Inside pockets and zippers keep your ID card, your credit cards and cash secure, and right there when you need them.

And each wristlet is true to Fossil’s design philosophy of taking inspiration from vintage creative, giving it modern twist and making it something you’ll want. We love design but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love to have fun with design (just look at those prints!).

Source: www.fossil.com
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