Best Leather iPhone Wallet Cases

January 21, 2020
Everyday Carry: The 20 Best
Covered Planet was founded in 2014 to make the world’s best leather iPhone wallet cases. To do this, we work with incredibly smart leather craftsmen from California's central coast, and use the very best materials to make the very best product possible.

​Covered Planet is located in Santa Barbara, which has a long tradition of high quality leatherwork going back to the days of cattle ranches, vaqueros and saddle making, and we were founded with this tradition of quality, work ethic and solid craftsmanship in mind.

How we help
Tired of checking your pockets every morning as you go out the door to make sure you have your wallet and your phone? We can help.

Make every morning better by combining your two critical day-to-day items - your wallet and your iPhone - together into one, ruggedly good looking piece of menswear - our leather iPhone wallet case.

For your peace of mind, all our leather iPhone wallet cases come with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, and we include free first-class shipping and tracking with all purchases.

​In addition, some of every dollar you spend with us goes to 1% for the Planet (for the kids) and veterans’ charities (as a way of saying “thank you” to the men and women serving in our armed services).

Why manufacture in America?
​We think having a job done overseas to save a few dollars is a shortsighted point of view, which not only produces an inferior product but also reflects a lack of imagination about how to build a business.

At Covered Planet, quality matters and we're dedicated to ensuring that our wallet cases are the very best in the world. We do all our manufacturing and design locally, we handpick the leather used with every new batch of wallet cases, we oversee all cutting and sewing directly, we perform post-production quality assurance in real-time, and we're committed to continuous innovation and improvement.

Our bottom line is that we think we can provide you the best value by focusing on a longer term, more creative perspective - in the products we make, and in the business we're growing.

​If all this means that we have to work a little bit harder and put more thought into how we do what we do, that's OK..

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